101 Arabian Kites (じゅうたん てんごく lit. Carpet Heaven in Japanese) is the twenty-third level and the second level in the fifth warp room in Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced. It is unlocked when Crash has collected all four green gem shards, and has defeated N. Trance. It also has the same setting as Rock the Casaba but during the day. There are arsonists in this level and lab assistants shooting lasers (which is more futuristic than Arabian).

As there is no Crystal, time trial mode is available once Crash has completed the level with the green gem.

Types of crates


Crash Bandicoot N-Tranced - 101% & All Platinums, Part 25 101 Arabian Kites04:16

Crash Bandicoot N-Tranced - 101% & All Platinums, Part 25 101 Arabian Kites



  • This level's name is a reference to "1001 Arabian Nights", which is a collection of stories.
  • A section of this level has wumpas that spell "CHRISDP", except horizontally flipped. This is believed to refer to Chris Degnan and Chris Pruett, who were on the development team for this game. This section is completely optional for completing the game, as it contains no crates, just wumpa fruit.
  • Like the other levels in N. Tropy's area, this level contains no bonus round.

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