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Ace of Space
Game: Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure
Boxes: 194 (51 in Bonus, 85 on Yellow Gem Route)
Gems: Power Crystal, Clear Gem (x2)
Relic Times: Sapphire: 1:58:40
Gold: 1:55:80
Platinum: 1:39:50
Previous level Snow Job
Next level Sunken City
Ace of Space (ぎんがの アスレチック lit. Galaxy Athletic in Japanese) is the 12th level and the first space-themed level in Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure. It's also the second level of the third warp room in the game. This level has lots of obstacles like: spikes, red and green falling plates, lasers, and UFOs. This level, as well as the other space levels in the game, has music remixed from the future levels of Crash 3.

The yellow gem path has Crash flying the space motorcycle through space. This path is necessary for both clear gems in the level, as it contains a clear gem, as well as 85 crates and is therefore also necessary for the box gem. To reach the yellow gem platform, Crash must fall down a pit in the middle of the level with wumpa fruit leading the way, and then continue to move to the right with several long jumps that require either the double jump or death tornado spin.

Types of crates


Crash Bandicoot XS 101% & All Platinums Part 14 (Ace of Space)02:37

Crash Bandicoot XS 101% & All Platinums Part 14 (Ace of Space)



  • This level has the most crates in the game. An old trailer for this game shows that at some point in the game's development process, this level was to contain 218 crates, which would've been the most crates for any level in any Crash game. Instead, Gold Rush from Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex contains the most crates in the series with 209.
  • Additionally, the gem path contains the most crates of any gem path in the entire series.
  • The name of this level is a pun on either "ace of spades" or the Swedish music group Ace of Base.
  • If Crash enters the yellow gem path with two Aku Aku masks, it takes only a few seconds to obtain a third mask, and then Crash will be invincible for the remainder of the path if he also hits the second Aku Aku crate in the path.
  • There is a stack of four iron crates near the end of the level, followed by a pit which leads to a platform lower than the previous one, which contains the nitro switch crate. This makes it impossible to travel the yellow gem path after detonating all of the nitro crates (which would make the path easier).

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