An Activation Crate is a crate used in Crash Nitro Kart to set traps, such as trap doors, obstacles, and magnets. It looks exactly like the ! crate, except wooden. Activation crates are found in eight of the thirteen race tracks (61.5%) in the console versions, each with only one such crate. The functions vary from track to track, and are described below.

Tiny Temple

The activation crate changes which torches breathe fire and which do not.

Meteor Gorge

The activation crate toggles a ramp between inactive and active.

Barin Ruins

The activation crate causes a large boulder to roll in the middle of the tube.

Out of Time

The activation crate is located very early in the lap, and can in fact be seen from the starting line. There are two ramps, side by side, and the activation crate toggles which is active and inactive.

Clockwork Wumpa

Breaking the activation crate will cause a square piece of ground shortly after the crate to open up into a hole and racers can fall in there. Unlike in most tracks, everything goes back to normal on its own, not by breaking the crate again.

Thunder Struck

The activation crate is located very close to the end of the lap. It toggles which of two nearby statues are actively hammering the ground.

Assembly Lane

Breaking the activation crate will cause a vacuum to travel to a new location.

Electron Avenue

The activation crate toggles which turbo pad is active and which is inactive.

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