Ami is a female bandicoot responsible for handing out prizes to Tiny Tiger, Dingodile, Ripper Roo, Pinstripe, Komodo Joe, Papu Papu, Fake Crash, Penta Penguin, and Nitros Oxide in Crash Team Racing. The epilogue of the game states that she became a race kart driver herself, saying, "I'm sick of giving out trophies! I want a few of my own!" She is named after Ami Matsumura-Blair, who was the marketing manager for Sony Computer Entertainment America at the time. The other trophy girls are also named after people involved in the Naughty Dog games.

Physical Appearance

Ami has green hair and eyes as well as a green tail. Her attire consists of a yellow and green minidress/tankini and sneakers. She is often seen carrying a large yellow and green-striped umbrella.


Ami makes a cameo in Dansu! De Jump! Na Daibouken when Crash daydreams about already saving the world and becoming irresistible.