Andy gavin

Andy Gavin.

Andy Gavin (born in 1970) is a programmer notable for co-founding the video game company Naughty Dog with childhood friend Jason Rubin in 1986. Gavin had experinece at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Naughty Dog worked on Crash Bandicoot and its sequels. Shortly after leaving Naughty Dog, Gavin co-founded a new Internet startup called Flektor with his former business partner, Jason Rubin, and former HBO executive Jason R. Kay. In May 2007, the company was sold to Fox Interactive Media. Flektor was shut down in January 2009.

Gavin recently announced a return to the video game business with Jason Rubin. They formed a new social game startup called Monkey Gods that is working on a new version of Snood along with a casual word game called MonkWerks.