The Ant Drones are robotic enemies in Crash Twinsanity, led by the Evil Twins and reside on Twinsanity Island, specifically in their home base, Ant Agony. They are the main enemies of the game. Like the Lab Assistants, they come in several varieties.

Types of Ants (In order by appearance)

  • Normal Ants
  • Soldier Ants
  • Drill Ants
  • Fire Ants
  • Jet Pack Ants

Normal Ants

Normal Ants have no means of protecting themselves other than hand-to-hand combat. They attack by charging at the player and usually attack in groups of three or more. They are garbed in blue armor like Soldier Ants. These types of Ants rarely appear in comparison to the Soldier Ants. They first appear along with the Soldier Ants arriving on N. Sanity Island using a portal from Twinsanity Island and a large ship-like drill in the level Cavern Catastrophe after the boss battle with Dr. Neo Cortex and Mecha-Bandicoot and after Crash and Cortex's first Rollerbrawl. Here, they are seen taking Crates into their drill (why they do so is unknown) but do not attempt to fight Crash unless he goes near them. Although they are the rarest of Ants, they appear in Cortex's airship on Crash and Cortex's way to the Academy of Evil and later in Ant Agony, where all of the Ants reside. It only takes one spin or slide to kill Normal Ants. They can also be defeated with a Belly Flop.

Lancer Ants

Lancer Ants are the toughest and most abundant Ants in Crash Twinsanity. They are garbed in blue armor and are equipped with a short plasma sword that shocks players when attacked. The plasma sword is similar to a lightsaber. The Soldier Ants attack using vertical slashing motions towards the player. They appear in almost every part of the game; N. Sanity Island (during Cavern Catastrophe), the Iceberg Lab (in Cortex's Throne Room), the Academy of Evil (during Rooftop Rampage), and Twinsanity Island (in Ant Agony). They also appear during Rockslide Rumble on the rocks next to drills similar to the one in Cavern Catastrophe. Because of their toughness, abundance, and aggressive nature, they are considered the main force in the Evil Twins' army of Ants. They are also considered the Evil Twins' personal guards, because whenever Crash and Cortex encounter the Evil Twins, the Soldier Ants are the ones to attack them. For example, in the Iceberg Lab Crash and Cortex encounter the Evil Twins and after the cutscene, a group of Soldier Ants attack them. Not to mention as well, Soldier Ants assist the Twins during the final battle. Unlike the Normal Ants, it takes two attacks to kill Soldier Ants.

Drill Ants

These special Ants have light brown armor, sort of like a camouflage resembling rocks, and a drill on their head. The Drill Ants attack in groups and by chasing the player on foot and attacking them with their drill, or by digging into the ground like a mole and popping up where the player is to attempt to drill them. They are first seen at the end of Rockslide Rumble in the cave and are later seen in Ant Agony, in the caves inside the stronghold filled with lava. It takes two hits to kill Drill Ants.

Fire Ants

Fire Ants are first seen on Twinsanity Island and are independent, as they are almost always alone. They are mostly found in levels with caves like the Drill Ants, and have numerous posts in Ant Agony. Garbed in red armor, the Fire Ant, hence its name, has the ability to breath a lengthy fire out of its mouth. During Bandicoot Pursuit, Fire Ants are found in front of Cortex's way and breath fire repeatedly. Later on that same level, a lone Fire Ant stands under a crusher that Crash can flatten the Fire Ant with. Fire Ants aren't tough, as one spin can kill them, but since they are breathing fire all the time, it is very difficult to do so.

Jet Pack Ants

This other special type of Ant is seen only in Ant Agony (considered Ant Agony's patrol team) and have jet packs on their backs that allows them to fly through the air. They also have a special type of gun modeled after Cortex's gun that shoot similar blasts of energy. The Jet Pack Ants use their jet packs to fly high enough so that the player cannot attack them and then they shoot. If the player manages to attack them before they fly high enough, however, the Ant will fall. It takes two attacks to kill a Jet Pack Ant, however, if it is attacked in the air and is knocked off a platform, the Ant cannot recover and will fall to its death. The Greyscale-Ants were remodeled to Jet Pack-Ants.

Bomb Ants

These types of Ants are like normal ants but they stand near ball spawns and throw the balls which will explode after a few seconds, or will explode if they come into contact with the player.

Cut Ants

There are only two ants that have not appeared in the game.

  • Greyscale Ant - These ants were going to be in the Tenth Dimension. They appear in concept art in the early greyscale 10th Dimension and were going to be planning an attack on Crash Bandicoot and maybe Neo Cortex.
  • Ant Leader - The Ant Leader was the original main antagonist of the game instead of the Evil Twins. He was larger and had four arms, making him the leader of the other ants. He is shown in a 3D model concept and is taller than Crash too. He would be a more high-tech Ant than the others, and would have a violet/purple and blue color. His second pair of arms would be much smaller than the upper ones and he would have had a vent-like mouth instead of the other Ants who actually have mouths with teeth. It is unknown if he was going to appear in the cancelled Crash Bandicoot: Evolution, but the Ants have been in concept art pieces of the game, this may have meant that he was going to appear in the game. Because the Evil Twins not being present in that game, his origin is unknown. But, it is known that he was in the storyline for a while and that he got a 3D model created for him. His only appearance in the game now is in the Unseen Gallery.




  • All of the Ants besides the Fire Ants work in groups. Why the Fire Ants are independent is because they can breathe fire and hurt each other badly. As proof, during Bandicoot Pursuit, two Fire Ants are found back to back shooting fire left and right.
  • Fire Ants are the only types of Ants to be seen in Bandicoot Pursuit.
  • Normal and Soldier Ants are the main force of the Evil Twins' Ant Army.
  • The Ants always respawn using portals from Twinsanity Island.
  • If the player can manipulate the Ants' movements, they could possibly make them attack each other.
  • Soldier Ants can jump just as high as Crash can double-jump (as proven in Ant Agony).
  • Some ants can be seen in Evil Crash's house, however, Evil Crash never knew they were there.