The Ant Leader was the original main antagonist of Crash Twinsanity instead of the Evil Twins. He would have been larger than the other Ants as well as having four arms.


He would have been a much larger Ant, bearing four arms, giving him leadership over the other Ants. According to a 3D model picture, he is taller than Crash as well. He would be a more high-tech Ant than the others, and would have a violet/purple and blue color. His second pair of arms would be much smaller than the upper ones and he would have had a vent-like mouth similar to Darth Vader from Star Wars instead of the other Ants who actually have mouths with teeth.


Crash Bandicoot: Evolution

It is unknown if he was to appear in this cancelled game, but Ants like him appear in the Crash Bandicoot: Evolution concept pieces, implying that he might have appeared in the game.

Crash Twinsanity

The Ant Leader would have been the original main antagonist of the game at one point. His origin is unknown, due to the Twins not being present in that version of the game. But, it is known that he was in the storyline for a while and that he got a 3D model created for him. However, the Evil Twins took over as the main antagonists. His only appearance in the game now is in the Unseen Gallery.