Ants are fought in Crash Twinsanity as mini-bosses.

Levels with Ant boss fights

Cavern Catastrophe

These Ants are the third boss(or, first mini-boss) and have 4 hitpoints, Crash must slam all four buttons to close the doors on the drill vehicle to prevent more Ants from getting out, when all buttons are slammed, the drill goes down and you win.

Iceberg Lab

Ants are fought twice in the Iceberg Lab, the first, has 15 hitpoints where Crash and Cortex must defeat three rounds of Ants, the next however, is fought playing as Cortex and has 36 hitpoints, where Cortex must defeat an army of ants.

Ant Agony

Ants are fought twice in Ant Agony where Crash has to defeat a number of Ants to disable a forcefield around a button.

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