This article is about a special item in Crash Bash. For information about the crate, see Arrow Crate.

Arrows are special items found in Crash Bash. They are found in all of the Pogo Pandemonium mini-games except for Pogo Padlock. They come in three varieties.

In Pogo Painter, arrows are one-directional, meaning that a player who steps on the arrow has only the squares in the single direction the arrow is facing turned to that player's color. These arrows rotate so that the direction depends on whatever direction the arrow is facing at the specific moment the player steps on it. The cut Egyptian Pogo Pandemonium mini-game was also going to contain one-directional arrows, except that they appeared in a light shade of blue.

In Pogo-a-Gogo, both one-directional and two-directional arrows appear. Two-directional arrows turn all of the squares in the same row or column (depending on which way the arrow is facing) to the player who steps on the square's color. The two-directional arrows also rotate.

In the El Pogo Loco mini-game, the arrows are four-directional, meaning that any player who steps on the square has all squares in the same row and column turned to the player's color. Occasionally, when Ripper Roo jumps on a square, he turns it into a four-directional arrow square, which is how they arise.



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