"Warning, cosmic travelers. Up here in the bleakness of space lies the greatest fears you all will face. Hee, hee, hee." - Ebenezer Von Clutch warns the racers of Astro Land

Astro Land is the fifth and last hub in Crash Tag Team Racing. It is a space-themed world. This area has three race tracks, very few coins, and a lot of ninja penguins. To unlock the pad and stop Willie Wumpa Cheeks from escaping, Crash must collect twenty crystals.

List of things that can be found in this hub

Secret short cut

The secret shortcut for Astro Land is in the computer Willie used before going to the rocket. Press "square" on it to get the shortcut.


  • Die-O-Rama 1: Liquidated - In the area where the secret shortcut is (the area with the green revolving spike balls). Look down into the pit and there will be a pool of green stuff. Jump into it to activate the Die-O-Rama.
  • Die-O-Rama 16: For Every Action... - Near the first entrance to Craters on Uranus, there should be a capsule there. Press PlayStationSquare.svg near the capsule to get the Die-O-Rama.
  • Die-O-Rama 17: Laser Surgery - Go to the same capsule as for "For Every Action..." Press PlayStationTriangle.svg instead of PlayStationSquare.svg on the capsule.
  • Die-O-Rama 21: Crushed by Uranus - This Die-O-Rama is located near the drone who sells the Star Crash costume for 6,000 Wumpa Coins. The area to find this drone is the area with the green balls flying around (the same as in the first Die-O-Rama).
  • Die-O-Rama 33: Defenestrated - In the second floor of Astro Land (the level above the entrance level), there is a window. Press PlayStationSquare.svg on the window. To get to the upper level, jump into the opening where a mini-game drone is at.
  • Die-O-Rama 34: Electrification - Near the entrance to Astro Land, there will be an open panel with electricity sparking. Press PlayStationTriangle.svg when into the panel to get the Die-O-Rama.


Crash Bandicoot

Ebenezer Von Clutch

Race Tracks

The race tracks in Astro Land are:


  • All the races have Uranus in the name and take place on/or in Uranus.

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