Barin Ruins (はっくつ バリンいせき lit. Excavation of Barin Archaeological Site in Japanese) is the fifth race course and the second race track in Barin during Adventure Mode in Crash Nitro Kart. It appears to be stone ruins that still have some function as boulders are thrown at racers if they are too far behind. It is used in the Nitro Cup and the Blue Gem Cup (along with Clockwork Wumpa and Electron Avenue).

Strangely, the track is already available when Barin is first loaded, meaning that players can complete this track and then do Meteor Gorge.



  • This track, along with Meteor Gorge and Deep Sea Driving, makes unlocking Fake Crash and Pura much easier.
  • Zem has the best "race the trial" time for this track.
  • This is one of the only two race tracks in the game to have snow in it. The other one being Meteor Gorge.

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