Fruit Bazooka Oil Slide Glitch - Crash Bandicoot 3- Warped01:22

Fruit Bazooka Oil Slide Glitch - Crash Bandicoot 3- Warped

The Bazooka Oil Slide Glitch is a glitch that can be easily done on all sliding floors in the levels Tomb Time and Sphynxinator of Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped. The player must get on the oil, then either jump, body slam, spin or even just move a bit and hold L2 before the corresponding animation ends: This will make Crash bring out the bazooka (if the player has it). The player can move the bazooka's pointer like normal, but Crash will also move as if he was not holding the bazooka. He can't jump or slide (only shoot) while doing this.

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