Brio with beakers

N. Brio with beakers.

Beakers come in two forms; green and red. These beakers have different effects in different Crash games:

  • Green beakers can create blob enemies in the first Crash Bandicoot game, and in Crash Team Racing they cause the player to spin to a halt when touched.
  • Red beakers are much more dangerous, exploding in Crash Bandicoot and causing rain clouds to appear above racers in Crash Team Racing, causing the road to become slippery. Hitting multiple red beakers makes the road so slippery that all steering control is lost. If the player has an item when hitting a red beaker, the item will be switched.

Papu Papu and Nitros Oxide use both kinds of beakers in boss battles. N. Brio can drink from the beakers in order to transform into a green, hulking monster in an final attempt to defeat Crash Bandicoot, like magic potions.

In Crash Nitro Kart they were replaced with Static Orbs and Ice Mines.


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