(Super) Belly Flop Glitch - Crash Bandicoot- The Huge Adventure04:02

(Super) Belly Flop Glitch - Crash Bandicoot- The Huge Adventure

In Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure, there is a glitch that can be performed in the three snow levels: Frostbite Cavern, Snow Crash, and Snow Job. In any of these levels, performing a belly flop (either the original body slam or the super belly flop) into the hole at the end of the first section causes Crash to lose a life, as well as any Aku Aku masks he has. Additionally, Crash will make the "Woah!" sound, and it appears the game is treating it like falling down any other hole. However, instead of returning to the start of the level or the previous checkpoint as is customary upon losing a life, the game continues with the chase section. In time trial mode, everything remains the same except that no life is lost.

When this glitch is performed while the life counter is on 0, the game will continue instead of going to the game over screen. The life counter will be at -1 (negative one), although it will still read 0. One way to confirm that the life counter is actually -1 is that the life counter will still read 0 after obtaining the next life. Additionally, when the life counter is still negative, exiting the level, completing the level, or dying in the bonus round leads directly to the game over screen.

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