Billy West

Billy West is an American voice actor from Detroit, Michigan. Billy West has been diagnosed with low serotonin levels and chronic depression, stemming from the child abuse he suffered at the hands of his alcoholic father, leading to a long period of drugs and alcohol abuse. West revealed on the October 4, 2006 edition of The Adam Carolla Show that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He said it was the scariest moment of his life, especially since he considered himself a healthy person. West had surgery to eliminate the cancer, and the crew of the show commented on how good he looked, considering that the surgery had taken place only two weeks prior. West has been very outspoken over his displeasure about the influx of movie star actors providing voice-overs for films and major shows.

West provided the voices of Nash and Zam in Crash Nitro Kart as well as additional characters in Crash: Mind over Mutant. Outside of the Crash Bandicoot series, he is best known for providing the voices of Stimpy the Cat in The Ren and Stimpy Show (a role for which he was nominated for the Annie Award for "Best Achievement for Voice Acting" in 1994), Philip J. Fry (among other characters) in Futurama, Doug Funnie in Doug and Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd in various Looney Tunes-related films and video games.

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