Boiler Room Doom (レッツゴーボイラー lit. Let's Go Boiler in Japanese) is the ninth level in Crash Twinsanity and it is the first stage in the Academy of Evil. It is accessed by a secret passage hidden in the fountain. To pass it, Crash must throw Cortex into the machines that stick him in a pipe. Bugs are abundant here, and on two occasions players can find red Bats. The boss of this level is Dingodile. At times, Crash must also connect pipes for Cortex in order to progress through the level. The pipe puzzles usually get bigger and more complicated for Crash to complete, such as in the Vent and Fan Rooms (second-to-last and last puzzle rooms, respectively), where he must spin blue wheels that activate platforms to other blue valves that complete the pipeline.

Opening Cutscene

Cortex: "Aaaagggghhhh!!" (gets stuck in a pipe) "I'm stuck! The greatest evil scientist in the WORLD! Stuck in a pipe... How could things get any worse?" (farts) *Cortex's high-pitched whine*

Boss Fight: Dingodile

Dingodile appears at the end of the level demanding to know where the treasure is. Cortex doesn't know what he's talking about, and is quickly ejected from the area, making the fight just between Crash and Dingodile. 

The basic strategy of this fight is to not stop moving, and be ready to switch directions, as when Dingodile has less health he will start to attempt to follow you with his flame attack. Also, be ready to duck quickly at any notice and be able to get up again.


  • This level was completely remade during development. Traces of the older version of Boiler Room Doom can be found within the game's files such as sound effects with "Oldboiler" on the name for the older version of the level and "Newboiler" for the retail version. The old version of Boiler Room Doom also had its own music track.
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