Not to be confused with the Turtle Woods Bonus Round Glitch, a separate glitch relating to the Bonus Round.
Crash 2 bonus glitch

Crash 2 bonus glitch

In Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, the bonus rounds for Snow Go, Snow Biz, Cold Hard Crash, and Piston It Away are in side scrolling sections. There is a glitch where the game will think Crash is in the bonus round when he really is not. To do this, Crash must jump on the ground really close to the bonus round hole but not quite fall in. It often takes several attempts to do it right, but with practice, it can be done easily.

In Snow Go, Snow Biz and Piston It Away, the camera won't move and the ground far from the bonus round won't be solid and Crash will fall. However, in Cold Hard Crash, the camera moves as it does when doing the level normally and it's actually possible to finish the level while the game still shows Crash as being in the bonus round.

With this glitch, the word "BONUS" appears at the top of the screen like it does when Crash is in a bonus round. The boxes get added to the bonus round total, while wumpa fruits and lives get added to the game total, although whenever Crash picks up wumpa fruits and lives, the icons go to the bottom like they would in the bonus round.

If Crash steps on Cold Hard Crash's death route platform, the game will exit "bonus round mode" and the boxes will be added to the box total.

The only level with a bonus round in a side scrolling section where this doesn't work is Spaced Out, because the game does not consider Crash to be in the bonus round until he gets very far down.

A similar glitch occurs in Road to Ruin where it is possible to jump back to the main level from inside the bonus round.

This glitch may come in handy if the player doesn't want to lose a life. Hence, it's a bonus round and the player never loses a life by dying in a bonus round.