Buckethead Crash is an unused skin in Crash Tag Team Racing where Crash has a bucket on his head. This skin can be found through Action Replay, but the model is very low-polygon. Its coding suggests that there is a cheat used to obtain the skin, but the cheat is not known. According to the demo's coding, this skin would have been available in Astro Land. In the DEFAULT.RCF file of the game you can find the .p3d models for the spin animation and the normal model. There is also a model for Japanese Crash Buckethead spin and normal, suggesting that it would be available in the NTSC-J version as well. (There is a spin model, but the bucket disappears when you spin.)

The filenames are:

  • crash_buckethead_onfoot_model.p3d
  • crash_buckethead_spin_model.p3d
  • japan_crash_buckethead_onfoot_model.p3d
  • japan_crash_buckethead_spin_model.p3d

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