This glitch is for the PAL version of Crash Team Racing only, since NTSC has no language option. To do this glitch, load up the game and when the language options first appear, press Triangle or Square to exit. All words will be replaced with ' - 's. If you then leave the game to view the intro cutscene, Oxide will be completely silent and the screen will always stay on the view from behind him in his ship. The cutscene will never end unless the player exits it. The player can easily stop this glitch by selecting the menu option at the bottom which should be 'Language' and choose the top option on the language page, which should be 'English'. This glitch will also swap all of the bosses heads in Adventure Mode except for Ripper Roo. So Papu Papu will now have Pinstripe's head, Komodo Joe will now have Oxide's head, Pinstripe will now have Komodo Joe's head, and Oxide will now have Papu Papu's head.

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