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Chick Gizzard Lips
Crash Tag Team Racing Chick Gizzard Lips
Full Name Chick Gizzard Lips
First Appearance Crash Tag Team Racing
Species Chicken
Affiliation(s) Stew
Latest Appearance Crash Tag Team Racing
Portrayed by Quinton Flynn

“Top of the morning and a cock-a-doodle-doo, sports fans. Chick Gizzard Lips here, welcoming you to the farewell race at Von Clutch's MotorWorld.”
Chick's opening statement, Crash Tag Team Racing

Chick Gizzard Lips, or Chick for short, is a reporter chicken that appears in Crash Tag Team Racing. Chick works with Stew, another reporter chicken, but unlike Stew, he does most of the talking during the reports.

In the introductions to various areas of the theme park, he and Stew get constantly annoyed by Willie Wumpa Cheeks. Chick can be seen in Crash Tag Team Racing in-game by the entrance to Happily Ever Faster, the second race world. The duo also serve as a means for Crash Bandicoot to unlock new vehicles for himself.

They both help the player with beginning tutorials. His personality presents him as "the more sensible one" out of the pair. Chick is believed to be a parody of real life commentator Howard Cosell.


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