The Chimera is a large Titan that serves as the final boss of the Nintendo DS version of Crash: Mind Over Mutant. It is a combination of the elite Spike, Ee-Lectric, Anubis-Vicious, Psycho-Mandrake, and Rhinoroller.


In terms of general appearance, the Chimera shows body parts of the 5 mutants it was created from and its head. It consists of elite Spike's right arm, elite Anubis-Vicious' left arm, elite Rhinoroller's legs, elite Eel-ectric's tail and elite Psycho-Mandrake's petals on the back. His head is shown as a lion with buffalo horns, and his torso is a kind of machine with the "N" sign on the chest, and in the center has a core that changes color according to the chosen attack.


Chimera has the ability to use cosmic skills and use special attacks other Titans, that color according Orb his torso:

  • Yellow: Unleash spikes from the ground like the Spike.
  • Blue: Unleash a thunder as the Ee-Lectric.
  • Gray: Like the Anuvis-cious, will unleash an explosion of sand, which will only be activated if hit while protecting.
  • Green: Like the Psycho-Mandrake, will unleash a glow that lets paralyzed Crash, and then attack him with a psychic sword.
  • Red: As the Rhinoroller, jump loud and crashing to the ground leave Crash unconscious Crash if on the ground too.
  • Purple: Using several unique attacks, shoot orbs that will make Crash slower, will unleash an asteroid from the sky, and create a black hole with strong suction.

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