Coco Park (ココ・デ・サーキット lit. Coco the Circuit in Japanese) is the fifth race course in Crash Team Racing. As its name may suggest, it is Coco Bandicoot's home track. It appears in the Green Gem Cup (which includes Roo's Tubes, Polar Pass and Cortex Castle) and the Wumpa Cup.


Coco Park is a simple, wide-road track with no obstacles. This makes it a true test of speed and ability of the racers.

There are three boost pads, located at the entrance of the tunnel, before the final hill, and along the left edge of the track near the finish line. They are spaced out enough to be able to spot them easily enough during a race.

The final hill in the race is large enough to pull off a jump high enough to create a small turbo boost.

Hazards are few and far apart. They consist of only a pond running parallel to the course, off to the side at the finish line and running out of bounds at the far reaches of the hills. Neither of these hazards endanger the racer without the racer purposefully pursuing them.


The course is surrounded by hills mostly covered in lines of red, yellow and white flowers. There are large, pink statues dotted along the sides along with a single, snow-covered mountain which can be driven through. There are various hedges cut along the side of the course differing in height. At the finish line, there is a stadium facing a pond and a mural of Coco on the opposite side of the track.




  • If the map of the track is rotated counter-clockwise, it resembles a butterfly.
  • This is the first track seen in the game's intro and overall.
  • Early screenshots shows how the last hill at the end of the track had the word "Coco" written on it with flowers.