The Controllable Hoverboard Glitch is a glitch from Crash Twinsanity in which Crash can use Cortex's Hoverboard in a certain area. Right where Cortex gets hit, there is an invisible hoverboard above the arena before the Mecha-Bandicoot boss fight. It is shaped like a circle when the player looks down. Because it is right above an abyss, Crash will start to fall below level boundaries. During the game's development, Cortex was originally going to use his hoverboard and the only level where it was going to be playable was the Unused Canyon Level, but like a lot of levels, it was cut.

To control the hoverboard, use the left analog stick and press R1 and R2 to ascend and descend above terrain. There is a maximum height the player can reach and it can even fly above and below water, but the player is not invincible while using it. Crash can only fly higher when there is terrain underneath him. Players can also use this glitch to skip the Mecha-Bandicoot boss or parts of N. Sanity Island.


Crash Twinsanity - Controllable Hoverboard?!-140548003202:12

Crash Twinsanity - Controllable Hoverboard?!-1405480032

Video of the Hoverboard glitch


  • If the player body slams the hoverboard, it will show the same effect as when Cortex gets hit in the cutscene after the boss fight.
  • There is an unused tip on how to use the hoverboard in the game's data.

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