Cortex's Lair is the eight and penultimate level in Crash of the Titans for the Nintendo DS.

The level is set entitely inside a giant mansion build by Cortex on a cliff above the ocean on the east part of N. Sanity Island.

The level starts outside the mansion, in a small grassy area, very similar to the level N-Sanity Highlands. After defeating the horde of mutants right in front of the main door of the mansion, the player can get inside and make his way through the hallways. Potraits of Cortex are hang on every wall. after this small section, the player enters the laboratories hidden inside the mansion.
After the laboratory section the level ends in what can be described as a giant refrigerator: everything here is frozen and icicles grow from the ceiling.




Cortex's Lair - Crash of the Titans -NDS-01:57

Cortex's Lair - Crash of the Titans -NDS-


  • Cortex's design in the potraits seen in this level is very similar to his original design.

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