IMPORTANT NOTE: This article is for glitches in Crash: Mind Over Mutant. It would be appreciated if you post your glitches.

Get stuck on Metal Door frame

If Crash manages to hang onto the metal door frame at N. Gin's observatory, he will be stuck on it and can't move, but the player can still get off.

Go Underwater

In the area in the frozen coast with the sinking icebergs, if the player unjacks any titan when Crash is on it and rejacks it when it's up to its waist in water, the player can go with the titan underwater. However, upon reaching the shore Crash immediately dies.

Go underwater in several areas

In areas where Crash needs to use the Ratcicle, sneeze then unjack it shortly after the ice starts cracking and rejack it so Crash will fall through the water. This method can also be used for pits.

Keep Giant Titans

In the bonus challenges with the Yuktopus and Scorporilla, when the challenge is over and Success is shown on screen, as soon as the Success disappears unjack the giant Titan and head to where the player unjacked it, the player will find the Titan is still there and is able to be rejacked and taken around.

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