In the original Crash Bandicoot, at the password screen, whenever a password is entered that corresponds to a save point at Road to Nowhere, it says "The High Road" on the password screen, and conversely whenever a password is entered that corresponds to a save file at The High Road, it says "Road to Nowhere" on the password screen.

For example, PlayStationTriangle.svgPlayStationTriangle.svgPlayStationCircle.svgPlayStationCircle.svgPlayStationCircle.svgPlayStationTriangle.svgPlayStationTriangle.svgPlayStationX.svgPlayStationTriangle.svgPlayStationSquare.svgPlayStationCircle.svgPlayStationTriangle.svgPlayStationX.svgPlayStationTriangle.svgPlayStationX.svgPlayStationX.svgPlayStationX.svgPlayStationSquare.svgPlayStationTriangle.svgPlayStationX.svgPlayStationTriangle.svgPlayStationCircle.svgPlayStationX.svgPlayStationCircle.svg is a password at Road to Nowhere, but upon entry, when it lists the level and percentage, it says "The High Road" but sends Crash to Road to Nowhere on the level map, with later levels not available.

Similarly, PlayStationTriangle.svgPlayStationTriangle.svgPlayStationTriangle.svgPlayStationTriangle.svgPlayStationX.svgPlayStationSquare.svgPlayStationX.svgPlayStationX.svgPlayStationTriangle.svgPlayStationSquare.svgPlayStationCircle.svgPlayStationTriangle.svgPlayStationX.svgPlayStationCircle.svgPlayStationSquare.svgPlayStationCircle.svgPlayStationCircle.svgPlayStationCircle.svgPlayStationSquare.svgPlayStationSquare.svgPlayStationX.svgPlayStationSquare.svgPlayStationSquare.svgPlayStationCircle.svg is a password at The High Road, but upon entry, when it lists the level and percentage, it says "Road to Nowhere" but sends Crash to The High Road on the level map.

The fact that this happens suggests that the names of these levels were reversed during the development of the game, after the password system was created.  It is a known fact that the positioning of Road to Nowhere was to be different, as it was to be on the third island, but this most likely has to do with the names of the levels, since the positions were not swapped as The High Road was always to be on the third island.  Passwords like these cannot arise by starting a new game and playing through.  This is because the Tawna bonus rounds in both of these levels save at the next level. For example, by completing the bonus round in Road to Nowhere, the save point will be at Boulder Dash.

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