This article is for Crash's reboot counterpart. You may be looking for the original character.

Crash Bandicoot is an Australian bandicoot and the title character of the cancelled Crash Landed and its sister game, Crash Team Racing. He was a regular bandicoot that lived on the Wumpa Islands until he was taken by Doctor Cortex, turned into a genetically enhanced bandicoot, and became Cortex's nemesis.


Crash Landed

In the events of Crash Landed, Crash was taken from his island home and subjected to a process which turned him into a genetically enhanced bandicoot with human abilities such as walking and running. After he was transformed, he escaped from Cortex's floating laboratory and ended up on one of the islands. After arriving, a normal bandicoot got Crash's attention and then "told" Crash to follow him. Crash then discovered Dingodile, a minion of Dr. Cortex, kidnapping bandicoots and launching them to Dr. Cortex's lab so they could be experimented on. Crash then embarked on a quest across the Wumpa Islands to save his bandicoot friends from Dr. Cortex's evil plans. Along the way, Crash discovered hybrid animals which he could ride and use to his advantage. After saving all the bandicoots on the islands, Crash reached Cortex's lair, saved the rest of the bandicoots, and foiled Cortex's plans.

Crash Team Racing (2010)

Crash was going to reappear as a playable character in Crash Team Racing. His special melee attack would have been spinning his kart around, a nod to his signature tornado spin. However, it would not have been as effective as Dingodile's flamethrower, which could hit players from a farther range. Crash's car was colored white and gray with two red stripes on the front. He also had an additional car which was colored purple, had a different front, and had handlebars instead of a steering wheel.

Moves and gadgets

Crash's main method of attacking is spinning. However, at times he uses gadgets. The gadgets he is equipped with are Gloves, the Boombat, and the Frogzooka. In a cutscene when Crash discovers Dingodile, Crash is seen dropping the Frogzooka and pulling out the Boombat and a rock. Crash then throws the rock up, hits it with his Boombat, and successfully hits Dingodile in the head.


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