Crash Bandicoot Blast (or just Crash Blast) is a mini-game exclusive to the GameCube version of Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex released in 2002. It was developed by Vicarious Visions. To access it, the player must connect a Game Boy Advance to a GameCube with The Wrath of Cortex in it.


In this mini-game, Crash is holding his Fruit Bazooka. The player must fire at jumping pictures of Cortex, N. Gin, Tiny Tiger, Dingodile, and Uka Uka. However, if the player shoots Aku Aku, Polar, or Coco, they will lose points. Ammo is obtained by shooting crates. If the player runs out of ammo, they get a game over.



  • Most of the characters appear in their Naughty Dog designs, with Aku Aku, Coco, and Uka Uka appearing in their Crash 3 designs, N. Gin and Polar appearing in their Crash 2/3 designs, and Crash and Cortex appearing in their Crash 1 designs.
  • Tiny and Dingodile are the only two characters whose designs are not strictly based on any of their Naughty Dog ones. Instead they appear in their Huge Adventure designs.