This article is a compilation page for all the glitches found in Crash Bandicoot.


Stuck in the Castle Machinery Gem Platform

In Castle Machinery, if Crash jumps on the Gem path at the beginning of the level and runs to the left while it is taking him up, he will fall back onto the ground and the gem will come back down right next to him. Before the gem reaches the ground, run under it and Crash will be stuck in the gem and can only get out by jumping.

Controllable Burnt Crash

In Native Fortress, there will be a Tribesman who will try to push Crash. The area he is trying to push Crash to is a burning trampoline. Allow the Tribesman to push Crash onto the trampoline just as it is burning. When Crash gets burnt by the fire, the player will be able to rotate the burnt Crash while he is displaying the death animation. Crash will still lose a life though.

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