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Crash Mania is a popular fansite of the Crash Bandicoot series. It was founded in April 2005, by a Portuguese male known online as "HP Zoner". Its URL is It has been moved twice to a different host. The first host was called Topcities, the second one Freeweb7, and the latest one is called Ethost. The site is still hosted by Ethost, even though its URL suggests it is independently hosted.

The site documents the Crash Bandicoot series very widely, featuring detailed articles on all characters, crates, devices and other objects found in the games, screenshots from the games' levels and character models, interviews from various people involved with the making of the games, and articles for all major releases along with an article on all known Crash Bandicoot merchandise.

The site was originally coded in HTML, but when the site was moved to Ethost in Summer 2008 and redesigned, it was redone using XHTML, PHP and CSS. Since then, the site has been redesigned again, with new features and a new logo. The site also has its own RSS feed.

Currently, it has over one million visitors and gets over a thousand more each day and is one of the biggest English language Crash Bandicoot fansites.

Record Book

Crash tag

Crash Mania has a section called the Record Book, where people can post their best Time Trial records for each Crash game. Originally just a board on the CM Forum, the Record Book was integrated into the main site after the split. Users can win Relics depending on how good they did in the Time Trial. Getting the fastest time gives the player a Platinum Relic, getting the second fastest time gives the user a gold relic, and getting the third fastest time gives the user a sapphire relic. Each user has a "card" on their profile which displays the number of relics they have.

CM Forum

The site also has its own discussion forum. It was founded in August 2005. HP Zoner acted as the administrator at the forums, while three of his friends are the moderators. The forum was previously called "Crash Mania Forum", but it was renamed "CM Forum" late 2009 by HP Zoner. HP Zoner explained that the reason for the renaming was to separate the forum from the main site, as the forum no longer was centric on Crash Bandicoot, instead focusing more on general discussion. The name "CM Forum" was chosen because it was what most people referred the forum as. The forum is hosted by ProBoards. However, HP Zoner resigned as administrator and JumpButton now acts as the main administrator. The other two admins, Venusy and Smaz, have also quit as admins.

The forum also is moderately popular, currently having nearly 2,500 members and over 300,000 posts, generally more than Crash Bandicoot forums usually have.

The forum's URL is

Monster Weeks

Monster Crashmania
In October 2008, "HP Zoner" created the Monster Weeks, a special event, where he would get concepts and other news about Mind Over Mutant from Activision. The site was given a redesign for this event.

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