IMPORTANT NOTE: Abnormal save files may damage your memory card, so it is recommended you turn off auto save during this glitch.

This is a glitch in Crash Twinsanity that enables the player to cheat in the Cortex boss fight.

Doing the glitch

When Cortex shoots his Plasma Blast in his boss fight, Crash can jump on the plasma blast and be lifted up. Then the player is launched into a random area, most notably the platform where Cortex falls face-first. The player must return Cortex's next plasma blast and then Cortex will fall on the platform and when Crash body slams Cortex, he will lose a hitpoint. This can be repeated, but the body slams must be accurate, as body slamming in a specific time frame causes the game to crash. This can also remove a hit point of Mecha-Bandicoot, but won't cause damage to him. Also, if Cortex teleported back to the top of the arena at the right time without going back on his rocket platform, then Mecha-Bandicoot can step on him and the same thing can happen as when the player body-slams Cortex. However, since Cortex is damaged it will remove a hit point from Mecha-Bandicoot, but it won't really cause damage to Mecha-Bandicoot.