Glitches featured in Crash Twinsanity are listed here; this is not complete yet, but you can help by editing this page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of these glitches may damage or corrupt your save file, and the majority of them are not safe for beginners. It is recommended that you disable autosave if you are doing any of the glitches listed in order to prevent this happening. You will have to disable autosave every time you boot up the game and want to do one of the glitches.


Underwater N. Sanity Island

This is a glitch that lets the player fall and see through the water.

Floating Crash

In the interior section of Ice Climb, jump off of an elevator and you will land on an invisible platform above the gear below and just float. It is unknown what causes this glitch; it may be a cut item from the game or just a one-off.

Sinking a Chicken

At the beginning of the game on N. Sanity Island, chase a chicken into the water. If it's chased deep enough, it will fly out of the water and explode into feathers as if it were hit by Crash. (This is a safe glitch, so disabling auto save is not required.) The reason for this is because underneath the water is a "death trigger", which will cause any entity in the game that comes into contact with it to lose. This counts as a glitch, because the developers evidently did not intend for the chicken to be chased into the water because it will try to turn away from the water when you chase it.

Take Cortex Everywhere

This is a glitch where the player can take Cortex (almost) anywhere in the game.

First, play through the game normally until Crash exits the last cave on N. Sanity Island (the one in where players exit Totem Hokum). After the third Power Crystal is received, spin into Cortex, then throw him in an area where he won't re-spawn. Cortex should be shooting chickens now. While Cortex is shooting chickens, Crash must jump over the fence and off the ledge before Cortex stops shooting chickens. Go back far enough and Cortex will re-spawn.

Tube Cortex game crash

This glitch is similar to the Take Cortex Everywhere glitch. However, this is different because the glitch involves taking Cortex while he's in a tube and it is performed in Boiler Room Doom.

First, go to this level and play through normally without dying (if Crash and Cortex die then the glitch will not work) until Cortex gets out of the tube to activate the switch. Then, still without dying, get Crash and Cortex back to the start of the level. Throw Cortex into the machine that puts him into the tube and, once the cutscene finishes, start going forward again. If done correctly then the game will crash when going to the first checkpoint because Cortex is supposed to be joined onto Crash.

Flooded N. Sanity Island

This is a game crash that will flood all of N. Sanity Island with water if Cortex is brought to the beach. An invisible wall prevents the player from going further. This can also happen in the demo version of the game.


Whack-a-Cortex is a well-known glitch that multiplies Cortex at Farmer Ernest's farm, with all of them coming out of the worm holes, performing odd animations, and can be defeated.

Controllable Hoverboard

Cortex's Hoverboard was originally going to be playable in the game, but it was cut, However, it is still in the data and the game itself and can be used with a glitch. Right before the Cortex and Mecha-Bandicoot boss fight, Cortex's Hoverboard is invisible and right above the arena where Cortex is standing. To get to the hoverboard, jump to the invisible level wall left of the arena, climb the stairs, jump towards Cortex and jump onto the hoverboard and hold R1 to fly it and use the analogue stick it move it around.

"Clear Gem Movie 4" game crash

If the user selects "Clear Gem" on the extras menu and then selects "Movie 4" the game will crash after displaying the animation. This glitch works on the PAL version of the PlayStation 2 port. It has not yet been confirmed whether or not it works on the Xbox port. The glitch doesn't work on the NTSC version.

To avoid this glitch, the animation has to be cancelled before it reaches the point where it needs a reset. However, this is only a temporary solution; in other words, the procedure has to be done each time the player does not want the game to crash at the end of the animation.

Polished Floor Glitch

This glitch will happen whenever an "in-game" cutscene appears where Crash isn't affected (for example, in the end of Cavern Catastrophe when Cortex goes away). If the player is holding any directional button when the cutscene ends, Crash will move without walking/running. Stopping the movement will stop this glitch. At the start of the tribe's village in Totem Hokum, just at the end of the cutscene of Cortex on the pole, Crash may appear to move without walking with this glitch.

Cortex Boss Glitch

To do the glitch, first create a new save file. Then proceed through the game like normal until the first boss in the game. When he shoots lasers, run away from them. Then, when he shoots the big laser, perform a double jump and if timed right, Crash will land on the laser. While it rises quickly, jump on to the brick wall where Crash fights Mecha-Bandicoot. Quickly spin the laser and when he comes back up belly-flop him. Keep doing this and Mecha-Bandicoot will come up. Note: You should leave the brick area and go to the center of the arena and follow the staircase to avoid death. 

No Cutscene Iceberg Lab

Upon entering the iceberg lab the cutscene where Aku Aku and Uka Uka regain consciousness will not play and instead the the enemies with weapons resembling lightsabers will appear and continuously spawn. Cortex will also not be holding the crystal with Crash after the cutscene and be present near the enemies with lasers, leaving him prone to attacks if not reached in time and will cause the player to lose 1 life. This may happen multiple times and a solution is not yet known.

Bandicoot Pursuit Glitch

On the PAL version of the game, Evil Crash will stop chasing Cortex at the start of Bandicoot Pursuit and begin to chase his own tail while being stuck in one spot. Similarly to the "Clear Gem Movie 4" glitch, it is incapable of occurring on the NTSC version. It is possible to temporarily prevent this glitch by entering Bandicoot Pursuit from the Ant Agony side and going back, but this is not permanent so this procedure will have to be done each time the player wants the glitch to be disabled.

Escaping Dingodile Glitch

This is a glitch that allows the player to escape Dingodile's boss fight.

Escaping Uka Uka Glitch

Confused Crash Glitch

While playing as Crash, before a real-time cutscene starts, pull the camera joystick all the way back, fully forward, to the left, or to the right. During the cutscene, Crash will be looking in the direction the camera was pointed to.


Crash Twinsanity Cutscene Glitch

Crash Twinsanity Cutscene Glitch

Accessing Megalomaniac Mind Mania

Megalomaniac Mind Mania was cut from the game in early development, but the data is still present in the game and you can access the area and play in it using this glitch. IMPORTANT NOTE: This glitch may not work on Playstation 2 or Xbox. In the first part of Classroom Chaos, Crash's bit, find the third row of lockers and crawl under them; they are part of an invisible wall. Continue to crawl until you are outside the Academy of Evil, then stand, run to the left, jump down, and you will respawn in Megalomaniac Mind Mania.

Crash Stuck In The Floor

In Boiler Room Doom, if Crash throws Cortex over to hit a switch and then stands on the barrier as it is going down, Crash can fall through the floor and get stuck with only Aku Aku visible. If the player moves they will fall into the acid and lose a life.

Color Changing Airship

In the Iceberg Lab, if Crash stands in the doorway to the entrance to where the Psychetron is located Cortex's Airship then the surrounding sky will appear lighter than normal. If Crash steps forward the airship and sky goes back to its normal color due to lighting changes in that room.

Invisible Enemies

There are also 3 invisible enemies in the Crash section of Classroom Chaos, in the 2nd hall monitor's hall. They can be killed by body-slamming in some areas.

Stuck Cortex

At the start of the bee part of Totem Hokum, if Crash spins the Detonator Crate and then quickly goes over to the left where there are a few steps and a totem pole, it is possible for Cortex to be stuck running into a tree stump.

Spinning Burnt Cortex

In parts of Boiler Room Doom where Cortex is trapped in the pipe, spin him around and knock him into the acid below. His burnt animation will then be spinning around.

Drowning Evil Crash

After finishing Bandicoot Pursuit, jump into water or Nitro. When Crash reappears, backtrack through the third segment of Bandicoot Pursuit until he reaches the first obstacle in it. Jump onto the obstacle then walk straight into the area where Evil Crash and Cortex run out of. Spin inside of it and he will be holding Cortex. If the first obstacle has not been fixed and Bandicoot Pursuit is started, Evil Crash will run out and fall into the water and run against a wall and get stuck.

Glitched Skunk

Main Article: Crash Twinsanity - Incomplete Enemies

The third skunk the player encounters in Jungle Bungle is vastly different and incomplete when compared to other skunks. This one will try to bite Crash but will sometimes bite at nothing, and even run into the Nitro crates trying to bite nothing. Sometimes, this skunk will go through a wall and disappear.

Bomber Ants Killing Themselves

The bomb Ants in Ant Agony are very glitchy. Sometimes they do not throw bombs the right way and they end up killing themselves. They may even kill themselves before Crash even encounters them. The jet-pack Ants can also be glitchy and when they come down close to the ground they fall into a chasm.

Killed by a non-existent Nitro

It is possible on Twinsanity Island to spin an Outline Crate that will become a Nitro or TNT after hitting the ! Crate and blow it up.

Cockroach enemy stuck in Acid

Rather than dying once hitting the acid, the large Cockroach/Beetle enemy will be infinitely hit by the acid and will be stuck there. This is because they are immune to close-range attacks.

Glitched Robot death

In the interior segment of Ice Climb, there will be a robot next to some Nitro and a few other crates. Spin this robot into the Nitro and it will get "smacked" by the Nitro. When it lands, the robot will still be spinning while it is on the ground before disappearing.

Buried Bat​

If Cortex shoots a bat in Ice Climb only once, the bat will fall down onto the ground and will be partially stuck there.

Bugged Driller Ant

Sometimes, Driller Ants become inoffensive. This means they wont hurt Crash if they touch him, neither they will blow up Nitros on contact. Even though this glitch is random at the end of Rockslide Rumble, there is still a certain way of triggering it in Ant Agony: just before you see the Driller Ants in Ant Agony, do not break the blue energy spheres to open the pink force field. Instead, go to the rocks on the side and climb them to get to the other side. Then, they will not attack the player.

Unused Driller Ant animations

If the player, without losing, gets the Driller Ants' attention in Ant Agony and gets them to chase Crash out of the room they are encountered in, they will start acting glitchy. The player must now jump onto a platform apart from where the Driller Ants are. They will then use a jumping animation which cannot be seen through normal means. This animation appears very glitchy and only enables the Ants to jump about as high as Cortex does.

Play Cortex's Classroom Chaos as Crash

First off, you need to get to the place right before the "crate wall", destroy it. Then the player must belly flop on top of the door (using the iron crates as extra altitude helps), once Crash belly flops on top of the door, jump and change the camera angle. Now carefully slide-jump (or long-jump) in the left side of the roof to avoid triggering the cutscene, the yellow tube can serve as a "cutscene-triggering point". Once this is successfully done, jump on the roof of the next room. You can't proceed, but if you return a bit, you will hear the checkpoint sound, that means you can now proceed.

NOTES: If you die, Cortex MAY spawn with Crash and can be joinable, however, Rooftop Rampage must be done WITHOUT dying if that happens, or the game will crash, because Nina and Cortex will try to join (due to incomplete code in the game).

At some point in the level (namely right before the second acid pool), the player will need to belly flop on top of the furniture there, just like in the door, and proceed the level from the roof. After reaching the second floor part, do the same again on the very convenient furniture there. If you want to skip this frog area, jump on the roof and you should magically be telported to right before the second cockroach chase (which is after the frog room) for no apparent reason, you will still be in the roof, then proceed like normal.

Invincible Crash (Boiler Room Doom)

This glitch requires some skill. Right at the start of the level, go near a ledge (where falling causes you to die in the acid) and throw Cortex in the tube-machine. Right before he lands there, FALL IN THE ACID. Crash will appear in the place as usual when the cutscene ends, but he will be invincible (which means he can walk on acid and hit Nitros without harm, but will still die of altitudes). Invincible Crash can break crates and alike, but can't trigger checkpoints. Collecting a mask cancels the invincibility. If the player reaches Dingodile with this glitch, the game will assume Crash died (the camera will point at Dingodile, but he wont dance and will in fact, attack like normal) and the battle will restart (however, no life will be lost) and the glitch will cancel, thus being a Boiler Room Doom-exclusive glitch.

Unused Character Glitch

Very rarely, when you die where you're not supposed to be, your player icon will turn into a silhouette of a gem. The screen will crash but the game won't. You can still pause the game but you wont be able to move or do anything. All you can see is a brown or dark blue (depending on which level you are on) colored screen with a shadow of the player you previously played as and died. This happens because the game thinks you are playing as a different character, just like an unused one, so there are no values of that character. The game's coding gets confused on which character you are playing as. This can happen sometimes but it usually will just crash the game showing a black screen, but very rarely, it won't crash.


Ants falling into pits glitch

In Cavern Catastrophe, if you trick a Lancer ant into running into a pit or spin him into it when he hasn't been spun already, he will fall into the pit but his laser sword will remain visible at the bottom of the pit.

Cortex moved by invisible Crash during cutscene

After slamming all of the buttons on the drill in Cavern Catastrophe, position Crash in the right spot so when Cortex falls back down, he will be slightly pushed by an invisible Crash during the cutscene.

Tribesmen falling into pit during chase scene

During the Tribesman chase scene, after jumping over a pit, turn around and jump back over it. The Tribesmen will follow you but won't jump and fill fall into the pit and disappear, but their spears will stay at the bottom of the pit.

Frozen Laser Ant

In Ant Agony, in the first section with lava (after encountering the Driller Ants), if a Laser Ant is chasing you, you can spin it in the lava. It will lose a hit points, then it will go back on the ground, frozen, but still showing its breathing animation. The player can also pass through it. This glitch can only be performed if the Ant has not lost a hit point.

Gem Shortcut glitch


NOTE: 'Major Skips' means that players skips the whole level.

Crash Twinsanity was not completed due to cut development time. This therefore didn't give testers time to test the game fully, resulting in 'Major Glitches' to skip whole levels or a segment of the level. This is a list of skips in order of the levels.

Totem Hokem Major Skip

Tikimon Major Skip

Ice Climb + Slip Slide Icecadapes Major Skip

Takes a lot of practice. Two ways of doing it:

Academy of Evil Major Skip

Skips all three levels in the hub.


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