Crash bandicoot 14
Crash Twinsanity is a mobile phone game released on November 2004. It was developed by Kaolink.


The premise of the mobile Twinsanity is simple: to play Doc Amok until you drop. It is loosely based on the console version when it comes to environments, even though there are only 2 of them (jungle and ice), each with 3 levels. Though the story mentions the Evil Twins, they are nowhere to be seen in this version

If you've played the console version, you should be familiar with the Doc Amok mechanics: Crash runs on one side, deactivating traps and pushing switches so that Cortex may pass through on the other side. Sometimes the opposite also happens, which means you'll have to wait for Cortex to push something. Crash can run and spin infinitely, which allows him to break objects with ease. There are Wumpa Fruits and lives to be collected and mid-checkpoints are marked by a large totem god. When Crash and Cortex pass it, the game will remember your position if you lose. Gems are hidden throughout the levels. You need all 5 gems to access the final level, which is a mere third iteration of the ice environment.


  • Run - Press 4 to run left and 6 to run right.
  • Jump - Press 2 to jump upwards, 1 to jump leftwards and 3 to jump rightwards.
  • Spin - Hold down 5 to spin.
  • Pause - Press #.


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