Whack-a-Cortex is a famous glitch from Crash Twinsanity that multiplies Cortex at Farmer Ernest's farm with them popping out of the worm holes, performing odd animations, and being defeatable.

Doing the glitch

First, the player must watch the Farmer Ernest cutscene, then swiftly grab Cortex and throw him over to the worms. The player must then walk over to the worms, resulting in Cortexes popping out of the worm holes.


The Cortex clones will perform these animations: grabbing at nothing, raising up his hand, looking to the side and holding up his ray gun. When they are hit, they perform a radical blast animation and then do an enemy "pop cloud".


  • The hand-raising animation is never seen in the game, so this might have been a cut one.
  • It is unknown why the Cortex Clones have a "pop cloud", as of that only being for enemies, and Cortex was never supposed to be that type of enemy.

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