Crash Twinsanity 2 is a cancelled game that was planned for release on an unknown list of consoles, being considered a sequel to Crash Twinsanity according to Keith Webb. The plot would have centered around Crash getting sucked into various TV shows by an invention created by Dr. Cortex. Keith Webb also stated some ideas for levels; a western level, a black and white cartoon, and a hospital drama that would have had enemies holding needles and Crash would ride through the hospital halls on a stretcher. He also mentioned there being a level with Rusty Walrus hosting a cooking show, ending up with the same result as Crash's last encounter with him, with Rusty chasing him.


  • According to an interview with Keith Webb, if his Go! Go! Kokopolo series was successful enough, he would buy the rights to make this game and Cortex Chaos.
  • The game was going to have over 25 levels.
  • The idea of Crash going into different TV shows is very similar to the Gex video game series.
  • The idea of a sequel of Crash Twinsanity was moved to the game Crash Of The Titans due to this game taking place an unknown amount of time after the events of Crash Twinsanity, hinting that Crash Of The Titans was not a reboot of the series but a stand alone sequel, contrary to the popular belief from the fans.

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