This article relates to glitches that can be found in the N. Sanity Island hub level in Crash Twinsanity. Feel free to post your own glitches.

Starting Area

Breaking the Aku-Aku Crate during the Aku-Aku cutscene

If the player has not yet triggered the Aku-Aku introduction scene, they can roll a ball towards the crate and trigger the cutscene. If done correctly, the ball will break the Aku-Aku crate during the real-time cutscene, and if Crash was pushed towards the crate by the ball, he will collect the mask from the broken crate and a second Aku-Aku will appear beside Crash during the cutscene.

Hitting invisible Crabs

The player can stand on the Crab spawn points on the beach and spin repeatedly. When doing this, the player will hit the Crabs before they surface and they will be invisible when this is done.

Rapid-Fire Cannon

If the player positions themselves behind the button on the cannon at a certain distance and slams, the cannon will fire several shots rapidly.

Getting on the cliff with the Arena

On a series of grassy ledges, there is a Arrow Crate with two Crash Crates stacked above it. Jump onto the Arrow Crate and jump around the Life Crates and break the upper one. Now jump again and avoid hitting the remaining Life Crate, but instead, jump ont top of it. After breaking the Life Crate by bouncing on it, use the jump boost to jump onto the cliff with the arena. You are now free to explore but any part of Jungle Bungle is not solid as the level has not been loaded, meaning Crash will fall into an abyss if he goes to those areas.

Stuck Acorn

There is a chance that if the player is rolling the Acorn against the fence beside the Chicken coop, the Acorn will become stuck in the fence.

Sonic Wumpa Fruit

If Crash gets the Monkeys to throw Wumpa Fruit at him while he is on a Wumpa Tree and they are directly under him, the Wumpa Fruit will hit the leaves of the tree, slide out from the cover of the leaves, and fly high into the air.

Second Beach

Wonky Physics Objects

If the player uses Nitro Crates (there are other methods, but this is easiest) to launch a haystack far enough out to the ocean, it will bob up and down crazily.

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