Cutscene Models are separate models of characters in various video games that are used in cutscenes for more animations. This has happened several times in Crash Twinsanity.

Various cutscene models can be found hidden in the game, but most of them need the GameShark levitation code.


Crash's can be found in Ant Agony, on the roof of the treasure room. Levitate up to the ceiling before the treasure room and Crash's model can be found.


Cortex's can be found by levitating after the treasure room and belly flopping through the roof, where there will be two cut halls, with Cortex in one of them, who can be spun.

N. Gin

N. Gin's can be found at the top of Cavern Catastrophe, over the destroyed Mecha-Bandicoot. This can be done without the levitation cheat.


The Penguins in Ice Climb can be found without the levitation cheat when overlooking the area with the penguins, who will sometimes appear there.

Madame Amberly

Madame Amberly's can be found without levitation before her boss fight. Her model can be found by turning the camera downwards into the waste, where Madame Amberly is. She also appears to be in some sort of stance; it can be told because of the mist of the waste and because she is in it.

Papu Papu and the Tribesman

Papu Papu and the Tribesmen can be found by levitating or belly flopping on a rock (that is covered by a camera) and going on a tall piece of land to the left before the first Doc Amok, then getting up to a walkway of grass, which must be levitated over to succeed because at some parts, Crash will fall. Crash will then come across an area of containment, where he can find Papu Papu and the two Tribesman that are clapping. The player can spin the tribesmen, then they will not appear in the succeeding cutscene.

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