The Underwater N. Sanity Island is a glitch in Crash Twinsanity to view under N. Sanity Island.

Doing the Glitch


The second boat can be easily seen with a skipdraw hack (emulator).

First, Crash must return from the Iceberg Lab on the boat, then go up to Farmer Ernest's Farm and then grab Cortex. The "Take Cortex Everywhere" glitch must then be done. Afterwards, Crash must go to the edge of the dock with Cortex and then spin-throw him. Cortex will be permanently frozen in one spot. He must roll a haystack into the water, use it as a platform to hop on Cortex, and then after a short amount of time, he will fall through Cortex and below the water, where items such as bottom rock structures of N. Sanity Island can be seen. A transport boat and the ocean can be seen too. Eventually, Crash will lose a life due to falling for too long.

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