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This article is for the Crash clones seen in Crash Twinsanity. If you would like to see the Crash clones from the promo, Have Another, go to Crash clones (Have Another). If you would like to see the Crash clones from Crash Bash, go to Crash clones.


The Crash Clones.

Crash clones are miniature clones of Crash that are located inside his brain. They are seen in the final cutscene of Crash Twinsanity, when the Psychetron malfunctions and teleports Dr. Cortex into Crash's head. As Cortex rises to his feet, he finds himself surrounded by the Crash Clones as they all do Crash's signature dance in synchronization. At this point Cortex yanks his hair and screams.


  • It is unknown why the Crash clones are in Crash's brain.
    • It's possible they represent his brain cells, or his thoughts.

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