This is an article for beta elements in Crash of the Titans.

Beta Elements

Crash test model

In the development of the game, Crash's model was like the one used in the Game Boy Advance version of the game. He does not have any tattoos at all until the final version.

Different shadows

Instead of shadows to fit the character's shape, there used to be basic round shadows.

Different Mojo and Mojo icon

Mojo used to be slightly different in color. Also, the icon doesn't fill up and it has a star in the center of it.

Different Yuktopus boss

There is no cutscene before the Yuktopus boss fight, he is already in the arena with a Spike. Also, there is two large crates at the sides of the arena.


Instead of an Uka Uka force-field, there used to be a plain red force-field.

Unknown Tip Obelisk

There used to be a Tip Obelisk next to the large Spiked Rock for an unknown reason.


Pre-pro milestone may0601:09

Pre-pro milestone

Beta footage of the game

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