Crush Bandicoot is Crash Bandicoot's evil twin, though the game he was intended to appear in was never green-lit by the publisher. He would still be against Doctor Neo Cortex just as Crash was, because Cortex would have still retained the role of main antagonist in the game. No concept art of his official appearance exists, though the title screen for the game shows his design to be based off of Crash's Twinsanity look with red eyes and goggles.

Judging from the only details released about the game, Crush was Crash's "nasty" twin, so he would be more cynical and mean than Crash. His relationship with Crash is unknown.


  • One of the antagonists of Spyro has the same first name.
  • Had the game been made, Crush would have technically been Crash's fourth doppelganger in the series: the first 3 being Fake, Evil and Carbon Crash.

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