"Avert your gaze, you fool, or you will go CRYSTAL CRAZY!"

Dr. Neo Cortex, Crash Twinsanity

Crystal Crazy is a condition you get when subjected to the glow of a Power Crystal. It will cause you to go into an almost hypnotic state.

The phases

In the first phase, it is most likely that the victim has caught their eyes on a Crystal. It is avoidable if the victim can look away, and will make one want to take it. Next, the victim will be dazed and helplessly wander towards it. Finally, the victim will grab it and become full of avarice.

Crash Twinsanity

  • The condition of being Crystal Crazy was first introduced in Crash Twinsanity when Crash defeats Mecha-Bandicoot.
  • After him and Cortex get past the first chunk of the Rollerbrawl in Cavern Catastrophe, they arrive in a chamber. 
  • Cortex selfishly grabs it, already under its full effect. He then warns Crash of its power, but Crash tries to take it and they fight over it.

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