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The Cut Egyptian Pogo Pandemonium mini-game is a cut mini-game from Crash Bash. It looks like Pogo Painter, but set in Egypt, and looks like the crystal challenge for Space Bash. This mini-game could have possibly been altered to become the crystal challenge for Space Bash.

One curious fact is the existence of purple ? crates instead of purple ! crates. It's unknown if the ? crates were an early version of the ! crates in Pogo Pandemonium arenas, or if they were to contain special items instead, similar to the ? crates that appear in Drain Bash, Ring Ding, and Mallet Mash.

Another difference between this mini-game and Pogo Pandemonium's arenas that appear in the final game is that the colors associated to each player are different. Also, the color background for the character icons is absent in the final game. It is unknown why this was changed, as it would be helpful to see which color is associated to which player by looking at the top of the screen.


  • The mugs of the characters were recycled from Crash 3.
  • The background of this mini-game bares a resemblance to the level Bug Lite in Crash 3.

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