David Siller is a game designer. He worked with Naughty Dog during the development of Crash Bandicoot. He was the main game designer and the main producer of Crash Bandicoot. This work involved tons of sketches of level and character designs on paper, some of which materialized into the final product, even with some slight adjustments. He is currently unemployed and planning on making a website dedicated to detailing Crash Bandicoot's development and the reality of what went on with Naughty Dog during the time. Siller is also the creator of the Acrobat series, as well as a variety of Looney Tunes games on Sega consoles.

History with Crash Bandicoot

David Siller was brought to Naughty Dog by Mark Cerny. Over the course of development, Siller designed many of the games levels and mechanics on paper. He also designed concepts that went unused in Crash Bandicoot but featured in sequels, such as the Jet Board or digging in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (where he was credited under "Special Thanks"). At one point Jason Rubin wanted no moving platforms in the game, but Siller disagreed and put them in anyway.

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