Death Animation Glitch - Crash Bandicoot 3- Warped01:21

Death Animation Glitch - Crash Bandicoot 3- Warped

This glitch occurs in the level Sphynxinator. To do it, the player must simply go to the nearest mummy trapped in a sarcophagus. Crash will see it hopping forward and back. From the moment it begins hopping forward again, when it gets close to Crash, do a slide-jump straight to it (Crash must not have any Aku Aku masks when doing this). The death animation will be played as usual but this time the major difference is that Crash won't fall to the ground and will be lying in mid-air, as well as the sarcophagus, with a big space between them. The game thinks that Crash is crushed and he will act as if it's so, but the players can clearly see that he is not. He will be just lying in the air, shivering, with no damage at all except for the lost life (excluding when players have done it while in Time Trial mode where Crash doesn't lose a life). This glitch can happen as well in the level Bug Lite with the mummy located right before the multicolor gem path.

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