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This article is about the race track in Crash Tag Team Racing. For information about the race track in Crash Nitro Kart, see Deep Sea Driving (Crash Nitro Kart).
Deep Sea Driving is the third race course in Crash Tag Team Racing. It is the third and last race course located
Crash Tag Team Racing - Deep Sea Driving Track06:45

Crash Tag Team Racing - Deep Sea Driving Track

in Mystery Island. It is a ocean-underwater track. There is also a track in Crash Nitro Kart called Deep Sea Driving.


The pirate ship the player sees when you enter the oceanaruim can be turned into a shortcut in Adventure Mode. Belly flopping into three belly flop pads and belly flopping into the huge "X" revealing a cannon and by using the "spin button" sets fire to the rope in the cannon and it shoots a cannonball into the pirate ship thus, sinking it and it crashes down in to the track and a door/ramp is revealed before getting to the posiedon/trident hazard.


Posiedon/trident-posiedon slams his trident up and down and if you crash into it your car/clashed car will explode instantly and it is destroyed or you can shoot a power-up/turret to destroy it so you can get through safely.

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