The Destroying Nitro Crates in Hot Coco glitch, is a glitch that can be performed in Hot Coco in the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. With this glitch it is possible to destroy the Nitro Crates blocking the end of the level without dying. This glitch can be very helpful, and if performed right before a Time Trial, it is possible to complete the time trial in less then two seconds. To perform this glitch the player must go to one of the two islands connected to the nitro barricade. Once there they must speed forward to the opposite island on Coco's jet ski. When they are doing this they have to hit one of the nitro crates with the small wing attachment, on the jet ski.

After this the Nitro that the jet ski hit will blow up without harming Coco, then all the other Nitros in the barricade will blow up, leaving the end of the level unguarded. Now the player can finish the level in less then two seconds, when the barrier is gone.

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