Dingo Canyon (かっとび アルマジロけいこく lit. Rage Flying Armadillo Canyon in Japanese) is the eighth race course featured in Crash Team Racing. This is Dingodile's home track, incorporating a rugged, outback look and theme to represent an Australian-like environment. It contains little ponds, tall, awkward, and rocky cliffs, and cactus, which dot the landscape. Due to the fact that there is an actual marked road, it may be possible that the track is also based on the motorcycle-themed levels from Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped.

The structure and design of this track directly reflect the battle arena, Rocky Road. The main obstacles are armadillos, very similar to the ones from Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. They constantly roll from the one side of the track to the other in various locations throughout the race. The yellow gem cup is the home of this stage, along with Tiny Arena, Hot Air Skyway, and Oxide Station. In Arcade mode, this track is in the crystal cup, along with Roo's Tubes, Dragon Mines, and Sewer Speedway.




  • The soundtrack used in Dingo Canyon was remixed and used as the theme music for Blizzard Bluff.
  • The track can be compared to the Crash Nitro Kart race track Out of Time as they both involve racing on a desert road. An obvious difference is that Out of Time features a massive clock face in the middle of the track while Dingo Canyon does not.

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