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N. Gin's Battleship

Doctor N. Gin's Battleship was a massive, rat-infested battleship owned by N. Gin in Crash Twinsanity, where it was Doctor N. Gin's base of operations located at the Iceberg Lab. The weaponry on the ship is mainly massive missiles and torpedoes.


There are several rooms in the Battleship:

  • Pipe Room: A room with lots of gray pipes against the walls and floors and N. Gin's Rhino Minions swinging above tilting platforms with their feet tied to ropes.
  • Missile Room: A room that is packed with missiles. There is an abyss in it with missiles below being launched through an open space in the ceiling. N. Gin also has a lever here to take away the metal platform in the center.
  • Luggage Room: A room where suitcases are stored in nets. Below it is a pit and the platforms to cross have broke.
  • Water Room: A room that is flooded with water and contains some rotating platforms in the center of the room. It is accessed through an elevator.
  • Missile Room 2: A room exactly like the first, except for different platforms, shelves, etc.
  • Elevator Room: A simple room that contains an elevator that goes up to a platform that leads to the Crows' Nest.
  • Kitchen: The room where the ship's meals are prepared by the cook, Rusty Walrus.


The battleship sank after Crash defeated N. Gin, following N. Gin to fall on dozens of TNT crates that were lying on an iceberg near Rusty's Kitchen and accidentally set them off.


Most of the crew are genetically enhanced rhinos wearing red shirts and white bandanas. However, the cook of the ship is a walrus named Rusty. The fate of the crew is unknown when the battleship was destroyed.



  • The deck of the battleship was originally going to be a playable area, but it got scrapped.
  • There are several enemies that were going to be featured on N. Gin's battleship before they were scrapped: One was a rhino wielding a sword, a platypus carrying a bomb and wielding a plunger, snake enemies that carry daggers in their mouths while hiding in barrels, and a rhino shooting a cannon.
  • Rusty's Kitchen is actually just a simple metal room, but very long and narrow.
  • Rusty's cameo was going to be a boss round, but it was scrapped.
  • A scene where Crash falls into Rusty's pot and then gets chased by him was removed.