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Episode 1: A New Hop
Minion Master: 65
Combo King: 15
Bonus stage: Mojo Madness
Next episode Episode 2: A Succumbing to Age Story
Episode 1: A New Hop is the first episode in Crash of the Titans. It is the first episode to take place on Wumpa Island.


The episode begins with the bandicoots and Aku Aku relaxing outside their home. Suddenly, Cortex comes along in his airship and captures Aku Aku and Coco. He sends an ice beam at Crash but he dodges it and Crunch ends up being frozen. Crash throws one of Coco's machines at Aku Aku's cage and it falls into the forest. Crash then sets out after Aku Aku. He frees Aku Aku from his cage and they encounter a Spike. Crash stuns the Spike and hijacks it. Crash and Aku Aku then make their way to the end of the level where they fight several Spikes.


Concept Art

For watch the concept art of the Episode 1: A New Hop, click here.


Crash Of The Titans 1 - A New Hop19:05

Crash Of The Titans 1 - A New Hop


  • The name of the level is a parody to the movie Star Wars IV: A New Hope.
  • It's possible to enter Crash's house. When entered, the player will hear some noises such as Crash going to the bathroom, something falling on Crash, and a sheep screaming.

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